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15. Tandoori Murgh $20.90 MED
Whole chicken marinated in a rich tandoori masala with freshly ground spices and yoghurt; served with mint sauce
16. Murgh Makhani(Butter Chicken) $20.90 MILD
Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in a rich tomato and cashewnut cream sauce (N)
17. Kozhi Chettinadu $21.90 HOT
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with star anise, coconut, black pepper and coriander seeds
18. Murgh Tikka Masala $21.90 HOT
Slivers of Tandoori boneless chicken tossed with capsicum, onion, tomato and aromatic spices
19. Anjila Kozhi Curry $20.90 MED
Chicken cooked in five different herbs and aromatic Indian masalas
20. Murraya Murgh (Chef’s Signature) $23.90 MED
An authentic chicken curry from Murraya
21. Kashmiri Rogan Josh $20.90 MED
Tender pieces of lamb seasoned with cardamom, cloves and Kashmiri spices. Flavoured with onions, fresh ginger and garlic (N)
22. Saag Gosht $20.90 MED
Juicy lamb cooked in a puree of spinach, tempered with cumin and garlic with a touch of butter and cream
23. Gosht Kolhapuri $21.90 HOT
Succulent cubes of lamb cooked in a traditional Kolhapuri masala
24. Lucknowi Khorma $20.90 MILD
Lamb cooked in cashewnut cream and butter saucewith aromatic Indian spices; cooked in a traditional Lucknowi style (N)
25. Gosht Shank $22.90 MED
A special dish from Murraya

26. Beef Vindaloo $19.90 HOT
Diced beef marinated with vinegar and garlic in a spicy Goan Masala with potatoes
27. Beef Chilli Fry $20.90 HOT
Succulent diced beef tempered with coconut and curry leaves; cooked in a dry, South Indian pepper masala
28. Beef Hariali Khorma $19.90 MILD
A mild beef preparation with cashewnut sauce, ground spices and Indian herbs; garnished with fried onion and almonds (N)
29. Joe’s Special Beef Curry $21.90 MED
Sliced beef cooked in an aromatic sauce from Murraya (N)
30. Goan Fish Curry $24.90 MED
A traditional fish curry from Goa, cooked in coconut cream with an aromatic fresh Goan Masala
31. Malabari Prawn $24.90 HOT
Prawns sautéed in capsicum, chilly, tomato and curry leaves; cooked in coconut milk and other spices
32. Murraya Seafood $25.90 MED
A combination of prawns, fish, mussels and calamari, cooked in an authentic Indian fishermans’ style sauce
33. Malai Kofta $16.90 MILD
Dumplings of cheese and dry fruits cooked in a spiced cashewnut gravy (N)
34. Tadka Dhaal $15.90 MED
Yellow lentils tempered with cumin and garlic; garnished with fried onion and coriander leaves
35. Aloo Baingan $16.90 MED
Eggplant and potato cooked in a Hyderabadiyan style masala (N)
36. Pumpkin Coorg $16.90 MED
Butter pumpkin cooked with kidney beans in an authentic, homemade Coorg masala
37. Mixed Vegetable $16.90 MILD
A special mixed vegetable curry from Murraya (N)
38. Aloo Methi $16.90 MED
Diced potato flavoured with methi leaves and fresh herbs
39. Palak Paneer $16.90 MED
Homemade cheese cooked in an authentic spinach puree with Indian spices
40. Paneer Butter Masala $16.90 MILD
Homemade cheese cooked in a tomato and butter based sauce with authentic spices - Makhani style
41. Masala Dosai $16.90 MED
A crispy, golden, South Indian crepe with potato and onion masala. Served with sambar and coconut chutney
42. Lamb Biriyani (Hyderabadi Style) $25.90 MED
Aromatic basmati rice and tender pieces of lamb cooked together with freshly ground herbs and spices. Served with yoghurt salad and pickle (N)
43. Kashmiri Pulao Medium: $9.90
Large: $12.90
Indian basmati rice cooked with cashewnut, dry cherry, green peas, pineapple and kismis. Garnished with fried onion (N)
44. Steamed Rice Small: $3.90
Medium: $4.90
Large: $6.90
Flavoured Basmati rice steamed to perfection, garnished with fried onion and coriander leaves
45. Naan $3.20
Bread baked in tandoor, enriched with milk, egg and yoghurt (G)
46. Lasooni Naan $4.50
Naan flavoured with garlic (G)
47. Cheese Naan $5.50
Naan stuffed with cheese and ground herbs (G)
48. Peshawari Naan $5.50
Naan stuffed with almonds, cashewnuts, coconut and kismis (G, N)
49. Kheema Kulcha $7.50
Naan stuffed with a mixture of chicken, mushroom, coriander and Murraya leaves
50. Aloo Paratha $6.50
Bread stuffed with an aromatic, spiced potato masala (G)
51. Tandoori Roti $3.50
Wholemeal bread baked in the tandoor (G)
52. Kerala Paratha $5.50
Layered bread with butter (G)
53. Pappadam (4pce/serve) $3.50
54. Cucumber Raita $3.50
55. Mango Chutney $3.50
56. Banana and Coconut $3.50
57. Pickles $3.50
58. Tomato and Onion $3.50
59. Side Dish Platter $14.90
Selection of tomato and onion, cucumber raita, mint sauce, banana and coconut and mango chutney
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